This blog has been prepared by Luke Graham of @bettermaths, a practicing teacher and head of maths for use with his maths team.  

It is not prepared for or by AQA and should not be read as such.


In June I wrote a blog looking at the Assessment Objectives in the new GCSE Maths, exploring the changes to the weighting and the emphasis of the different objectives. I reviewed the feedback from the schools involved in the testing. This blog is looking at the detail of these changes in the subject content rather than the assessment vehicle.

There are 4 flavours of content, but I’m only going to look at the first 3 for obvious reasons.


1. New to Foundation – but it was in Higher

2.1 New to both Higher and Foundation

2.2 New to Higher and Foundation, but with a different emphasis at Higher

3. New to Higher

4. And content that has stayed the same (everything else)

There does not appear to be a jar for content that has been removed!

Have a look at the content that has moved into Foundation from Higher and the new content that has been added to both. Also keep in your mind that the grading criteria are moving for a ‘good’ grade to be a 5, from a ‘good’ grade C – which was the equivalent of a 4. I’m running it to the NARGPS order (number, algebra, ratio, geometry, probability, stats) found here. As that is the order I am using in my initial planning, but that may change.

Formulae are also changing emphasis – some formulae will need to be learned by students, some will need to be used, but not memorised, and a curious third group that aren’t included in the subject content or assessment, but should still be known. I’ll come back to formulae in a later blog!

1. New to Foundation – but it was in Higher


2.1 New to both Higher and Foundation


2.2 New to Higher and also in Foundation but with different emphasis at Higher


3. New to Higher


If there is anything here that you think I might have missed, please let me know @bettermaths