The Muppet Show used to be on a Sunday night. About 7 o’clock. I’d never watch it though.
I’d like to find something else more productive to do. My sister watched it every week. It was not
because I didn’t like the Muppet’s, but because after the Muppet’s was bed, and after bed there
was getting up for school and another week. So the end of the weekend was marked by the
Muppet’s, or not the Muppet’s… and I chose not…

The same is true for the arrival of August and while it is weeks away, August comes with its
imminent exam results day. August. August is my Muppet Show. It’s the end of the summer, and
I’m not spending it worrying about school tomorrow. August heralds the results and there is
nothing you can do about it. July was lovely, the end of term, the exciting project-based group
work and trips. The rest of July is just holiday, with the associated children’s activities.

My kids went to tennis club at the local secondary school last week. On the door of one of the classrooms was an interesting poster though, and I caught myself thinking about my teaching
and how would I amend that for Maths?


I’d also recently seen this one for history and thought that I really should do the same for Maths.

July gives you the time to consider these big questions.

July gives you back your evenings. I don’t have piles of marking or planning to do. Some organizing of staffing and timetables for next year, but nothing that has to happen today because it’s needed tomorrow. I’ve been listening to things on iPlayer all the way to the end and reading books that I want to read which are not necessarily good for me or my students.

And look at our fab tree house.


The tree house was a week in the making with all the help from child 1 and 2, and a little from child 3. And lots of evenings (which are mine), just making slight alterations to the children’s endeavors from the day.

Yes, 60 degrees on each corner, it is equilateral, on a 8 ft base with excellent maths throughout. Did you know if you cut a 3 inch beam at 30
degrees the sloping face is 6 inches long. Obvious really since sin 30 is 0.5, but also still fascinating when it fits the 6 inch beam exactly.

But when it was being built they didn’t want to know about trig, just wanted to know when it would be finished, and where the bucket of water that soaks the intruders goes, and how we build a fancy lock on the door, and levers that operate the bucket, and how can we fit in the climbing wall…

As long as it keeps the Muppet intruders at bay for another day that’s fine by me.