On the 20th August #mathschat we discussed a hybrid question, a morphing of several questions – our favourite lessons, topics, rich tasks or investigations.

There were so many suggestions that it was impossible to keep up, I tried to add them to my favourites as they appeared. I was hoping to capture these ideas, and this blog is my collections of some of those recommendations.

A number of people recommended as a resources. For example this exercise generator for A-level mathematics from Jo @mathsjem.

Useful A level revision resource for core, stats and further maths… ‪ ‬‬ ‪#mathschat‬‬ (via ‪@colmanweb‬‬)


Mark McCourt @EmathsUK proposed…

‪#mathschat‬‬ Absolutely anything at all from Red and Blue box
(best maths resources ever made?)
Click here to visit the site


The National STEM centre were also noted for their Graded Assessment in Mathematics (GAIM) resources

Mrs Godwin ‪@Godwin_Maths‬, and others liked codes and puzzles in their lessons.

‬‬ code breaking lessons and treasure hunts are fab every few weeks to keep the kids interested and keep maths fun ‪#mathschat‬‬

There were a number of recommendations for The Mathematics Apprentice (TMA). You can find out about the resource created by @gareth_metcalfe‬ on his blog TMA how to guide.


Or try out one of the activities, the MI5 task.

The popcorn picker with this video starter below runs into 3 acts (as the name suggested) from Mr Meyer is a well used problem which Dawn @mrsdenyer then uses to develop cones and volumes. (Click the image to visit the site)


It is also worth noting: