We have just moved rooms and now have a lovely board to display my posters, work and notices on. This one went up first when the board was clear.


But before the lovely new board, there was the moving, and the building work, and the moving back. So when at the end of the term careers day came round again, it was necessary to do battle with the boxes. To go through the ‘slightly too small’ photocopy paper boxes of stuff to try and find the fliers and posters and the activities from last year…

I couldn’t find them, but I did find these.

These are the first set of posters I made for my first ‘careers evening’ when I was first in post. I was not allowed to put them up at the time.


I suppose in hindsight it was a little brusque.

So I went looking for better careers day material, and got distracted on the way, and found these that attracted my attention.

This one I found on Pinterest, and it made me laugh. I do project that up from time to time.


This one now sits on my desk…


And the poster that I keep in my drawer that I find the most useful is this one…