Happy Birthday

I need to get something said. I think I can now recognise that I hated twitter. When I started using it 2 ½ years ago I didn’t get it. I didn’t get the interface; I didn’t get the terminology that was adopted to get your tweets into the requisite number of characters. I wouldn’t compromise on grammar. But mostly I didn’t get the rules of conduct. I did not know if you could reply to a tweet not sent to you. I didn’t know the rules of retweeting, and I didn’t understand that thing there, that tweet that I just wrote that was brilliant and funny and skilfully crafted, with a full complement of appropriately placed apostrophes, might NEVER BE READ BY ANYONE!

But the main thing I didn’t get was how the community worked. I was expecting some sort of gang hierarchy I think. Or for it to be so formal it was like a visit to your gran’s house where you can’t touch anything because it is all made of glass and china. So when I actually started and people were helpful and polite I was a little taken aback. And 2 ½ years on I’m starting to quite like it. I understand the ‘way things work’, and there are some great teachers out there sharing and offering their time and helping each other.

And that is why I started #mathschat. I wanted to try and get those teachers and all their experience in the same virtual room at the same time to discuss ideas on teaching, resources, pedagogy. There was a chance that NO ONE WOULD TURN UP. But it was worth the risk.

And this blog is a huge THANK YOU to those of you that turned up the first week.

To @MakeMathsMatter for the first attendee tweet of #mathschat

And to @El_Timbre, @learningMaths, @MathsJem, @letsgetmathing, @L1nd54y @NicolaCforster5, @DJUdall , @EduPate1 and @Tessmaths for attending that first session in the last week of July 2014, without you ten brave souls the #mathschat beast would never have been released, and there would not be over 200 regular attendees. So happy birthday #mathschat, one year old…


I also have to say a big, fat, beautiful thank you to @aqamaths. At the risk of this becoming an Oscar acceptance speech, they were the ones that gave me the confidence that my ill-informed, ad hoc reckoning was worth saying. Without those ‘if you build it’ sentiments, I don’t think I would have done so.

Enough of the old soft soap and flannel. Stop with this heart felt nonsense and give me a sensible list.

What were the top 5 most popular #mathschat topics over the last year?

Here they are with their storify links…






And the winner is…


Finally, in what is now a #mathschat tradition, let’s finish on a joke…