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Welcome to Better Maths, better future

With technology, finance and innovation at the heart of Britain’s growth agenda, the skills that we teach – problem solving, reasoning and critical thinking – have never been more important.

At AQA, we firmly believe that there is more to Maths teaching than getting students through their GCSEs. All dedicated Maths teachers know that it can be used to equip young people to make sense of a changing world and build a better future.

Better Maths, better future is a resource just for Maths teachers, designed to get us all talking about the future of our subject. We welcome blog posts, case studies, articles, videos and more from Maths experts ranging from teachers, academics and examiners to students and policy makers.

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Better Maths, better future captures insights on Maths teaching and learning. This in turn offers us a fresh perspective on the ideas and challenges we think about at AQA, both as an awarding body and as an organisation involved in research and policy.

Better Maths, better future is brought to you by AQA – an educational charity and a leading provider of qualifications and support services for teachers and students. We are always looking for ways to improve our services, based on our research expertise and understanding of the challenges faced by teachers and students. Research evidence from our Centre for Education Research and Policy helps inform education policy and improve the life chances of students.